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Sales Funnel = How to do it? Market Analysis, Competition and Digital Marketing

A sales funnel is a strategic model that consists of accompanying your customer from the moment they learn about your company until they buy your services or products. Sales funnels are used to increase your company's commercial results. A good sales funnel is divided into three stages:

- Top: the discovery of your products/services;

- Middle: recognizing the problem and considering your solution;

- Bottom: the decision to buy.

Tips = Top of the Funnel

The user who reaches the client's business at this stage has very little or no information on the subject of their business. They are someone who just happened to land on the client's website or saw an interesting digital ad that led them to the service/product. At this point, in order to capture this user's attention, we need to give them knowledge and informational content about the services or products of the respective business, so that the user learns more about the issues involved. We want the user to land on a blog/article page, for example, or on a page containing all the information about the respective service/product. In this case, we want to attract the attention of users searching for terms such as: "What is X?", "What is X for?", How can I X?".


Tips = Middle of the Funnel

Here are those users who have recognized that they have a problem and are looking for a solution. "Is your business the best solution?" is the question you need to ask. At this point, you need to deliver a sales funnel that contains something more technical or specific, so that the user understands that this proposal is the best for their problem, and not another one. The tip here is to specify your business solution very well, how it is made or produced, the detailed features, etc., because what the user wants to see is whether the business solution is really the best for them. You can always highlight the price of the solution, which may be a more qualified strategy for a particular product/service. You could also present some possible alternatives, instead of selling just 1 product at a certain price, post a comparison of similar products at different prices. This will build a relationship of trust with the user.


Tips = Bottom of the Funnel

At the bottom of the funnel, we are dealing with users who have already gone through the phase of obtaining all the informational knowledge about the client's business/service/product, and who already know what problem they have and want to see solved. In this case too, this user has heard about the client's company, is familiar with it and has confidence in it as a market reference. This is the moment to make contact with the salesperson! In order to close this lead! The key here is to hire sales people or specific people from the sales area, so that they can call the user and make them loyal to the product/service, with the confidence that they want it. It's important to keep in touch with this customer even after they've bought the service/product! So you need to continue or start marketing emails, promotions, discounts, newsletters, etc.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is extremely important for achieving an effective sales funnel. Research by the Mighty Commons portal shows that 92% of all visitors to a website do not plan to make a purchase. For market analysis, it is crucial to have support/software where you can store all the information and statistical data about your lead and their buying journey, and this can be done through CRM or ClickFunnels. Map the consumer's behavior, compare it with the strategies you have already used and identify other demands/needs that the Lead may have, for example, create surveys about your products/services or even using simple knowledge games, you can try to get different but valuable insights. This will help in the next stage, for customer loyalty or the actual sale of your business.



Analyzing the competition is also important. In order for the sales funnel to function properly, we need to know what the competition is doing, so that this information can be turned into an insight and thus grow the business itself. Analyzing the competition means knowing what other companies offer their target audience, how they manage their business and how they are perceived by customers or potential customers. Competitor analysis can be at the level of price analysis, the layout of the competitor's website, i.e. whether it is very accessible, fast, whether they have a blog and the subjects they cover, whether they have promotions, discounts, whether they are doing events at fairs or other types of marketing.


Marketing strategies

Finally, in order to achieve a good sales funnel, you need to identify all the opportunities you may have for a good sales campaign, i.e. you need a good marketing strategy. Not only is it crucial to have your own website these days, but it's also extremely important to do inbound marketing, i.e. to have a set of marketing strategies focused on attracting, converting and delighting customers. This strategy makes use of Content Marketing (blog, video, e-books, etc.), SEO (website optimization strategies so that you can get more organic traffic), Social Media (posts, videos, communities, etc.), Paid Ads, Remarketing (strategy of showing content that triggers action from someone who has already interacted with the company before), Email Marketing (promotions, discounts, newsletters, etc.), Influencer Marketing (word of mouth, being at events to promote the business) and Artificial Intelligence (chatbots, data analysis, etc.) to attract customers through all channels.



The Sales Funnel is important because it allows you to identify what happens at each stage, with each customer. It's equally important because it attracts potential customers and turns them into real sales of the business's products/services. You always have to think of new ideas and new strategic ways of creating a sales funnel, because it's not static, every business evolves every month and the sales funnel has to keep up with new ways of capturing the lead's attention so that it results in a real conversion.

Nowadays, many companies need immediate results, but the truth is that they can't afford to implement SEO internally while leveraging the priority focus of their business. If you still can't manage these steps or don't have the time to put them into practice, Bringlink SEO will make sure you get the visibility and brand growth you deserve.

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